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Skill Development and Awareness Building Program

Focusing on child care, child rights and child health SoH often arranges seminars, symposium, and workshop for the both in house and outgoing students. In this case SoH gets support from various NGOs and Foundations having the fellow feeling for the destitute people’s development. As SoH deals with the kids and teenagers in academic sectors, it puts emphasize on the skill development program. From the class Five to Ten both the boy or girl students are encourage to attend the free computer classes, spoken English classes, sewing and embroidery classes run by other NGOs freely. In this case SoH keeps liaison wth some other fellow typed institutions With the help of CAFFE (Computer learning)Dhaka East AP World Vision of Bangladesh(Youth leadership program), BYLC(Awareness building program), All For One Foundation SoH often takes the opportunity to help its students in development of the knowledge of physical-mental health and sanitization during puberty, career development awareness, awareness building knowledge against anti-social activities, drug, child traficing, child abuse, child violence, early marriage, contagious disease both SoH and arranging development parties.

Winter Aids

During the winter SoH always tries to help the families of the students with winter aids (warm clothes or blankets). In this case voluntary many garments factory or buying houses extend their hands to help SoHe.gTuli Trading, Cotton Groups, Sainsbury’s, NSU Social Service Club and so on.