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Message From Board, School of Hope

The opportunity to facilitate education to other’s children is a rare privilege – especially when those children may not have other means to attain education. The Board of School of Hope feel an enormous sense of honor and responsibility to be involved in educating economically and socially underprivileged children in Dhaka. At School of Hope we take this considerable responsibility earnestly as we aim to prepare young kids for their adult lives by building the building blocks of future learning whether at classrooms or in the university of life.

We see School of Hope as a dream factory; where our teachers work assiduously to broaden the minds of our students and inspire them to dream big. We take pride in instilling the values that not only allow them to dream big but make them relentlessly driven to materialize those dreams.

At school of Hope we appreciate the age-old adage – ‘it is nice to be important, but more important to be nice’. Development of the character of our students is as important as is the examination grades.  To do this we aim to create an environment that fosters integrity, promote tolerance, and encourage teamwork so that out students get prepared to make a telling contribution to their wider community.

The operation of School of Hope is heavily reliant on the generous contribution made by our donors, whether individual or corporate. The board remains infinitely indebted to them for their generous contribution. With their continued support we remain committed to provide the best academic environment for our students that ignites their intellectual curiosities whilst ensuring that they grow as forward-thinking individuals.

M.L. Khabir

Chairperson, School of Hope