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Message from Headmaster, SoH

“Charity begins at home” the saying is very true in the case of SoH, here the students learn from the very beginning of the institutional education what is sharing and caring. In this type of institution rendering service as the institutional administrative head, is really a mode of happiness and taking pride.  SoH believes along with her teachers and staffs that educational institution should be a bower of learning through joy and interaction. So, the lessons giving process and other lesson related activities always follow the simplicity but in an authentic manner. SoH tries her utmost to facilitate her young learners for the next in keeping pace with the change of winds, stately and globally. SoH never feels distasteful with her responsibility and the sacred service in kindling the light of education within her poor but precious kids. SoH always shows the respect to the life values and encourages her learners to nurture these life values with the maintenance of the code of conduct and own culture, tradition and faith beside the preparation for achieving the educational goal.