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Moral & Cultural Education

Beside academic education for blooming the latent talent in cultural side SoH has two days Music classes including Singing and Tabla (drum). Again beside all days academic routine there is a period for recitation, presentation, drama, dance, drawing, craft, extemporary speech and debate which are run by the teachers. Various cultural functions are arranged for and by the students, from planning to perform all are done by the students. Sometimes handwriting, reciting, drawing, storytelling completion are arranged within class to shed off shyness and to show real love and interest for the cultural activities.

Cultural programs are arranged over all whole year on various national and international days e.g. International Mother Language Day, May Day, Women’s day, Independence Day, Bangla New Year, Teachers’ Day, victory Day etc. Sometimes students also take part in various competition individually or in group. InSoH, in the case of cultural development, the old students try to teach the new one as a part of peer learning. Group wise the old students are given charge to help the new learners in learning. Again when the programs are set up the ration between old and new are kept side by side to be experience at first hand.

Some cultural program of SoH Students during various celebration days