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Past Events 2019

With the celebration of Book Festival on 6th January 2019 SoH has started its Academic Year 2019. Students are so happy to receive the new books for the new session. Taking a vow SoH along with her students and employees wanted to start a fresh and energetic journey.

On 5th February 2019 SoH students received some cloths as the donation from Sainsbuy’s and they were distributed to each of the students on 6th February. Students of class two are seen with their chosen garments by themselves. SoH believes great hearted people of the society will come forward to help these destitute children with kindness and love.


On 17th February 2019 the Country Manager of Commercial Bank of Cyclone Mr. NajithMeewanage along with other high officials visited the school premises and to hand over 5 computers, 6 sets of benches, 2 white boards, repairing costs of 5 pairs of table and 3 sets of harmonium through CSR program.

21st February 1952 a gloomy but glorious day in Bengali history. On this day many people sacrificed their lives for the mother of Bengali people as the then Pakistani rulers imposed Urdu as the state mother tongue on the Bengali people.  On 21st February 2019 at the school premises International Mother Language Day 2019 was observed with solemnity and homage to the martyrs of the language movement.

Observing Women’s day and paying homage on this day to the women folk has become a part and parcel of SoH since 2016. In March 2019 SoH boys pay homage to the Women folk in SoH, both staffs and girls student, observing the International Women’s Day

On 26th March SoH celebrated the Independence Day of Bangladesh. Students are seen presenting the National Anthem in the program arranged by the Music class students for the other students. Discussion and glorious story of our valiant freedom fighters were presented by most aged staff of SoH

On 14.3.2019 some buyers of Lindex from Sweden came to visit SoH. It is needed to say that with the help of buyers SoH gets chance to help the students from class VI-X as Lindex Scholarship. On 21.3.2019 some high officials from Sweden Lindex Head office paid visit to see its activities and on 28.3.2019Lindex World President and Country Manager, Lindex Bangladesh paid a visit to have a time with the students.

On 14th April 2019 SoH family celebrated Bangla Happy New Year 1426. To encourage these destitute students’ initiative Bashir Khan, the Grandson of UstadAlauddin Khan, and a prominent Actress and Dancer SajinJahan came to SoH premises.

On 17.5.2019 the Country Manager of Target Australia of Bangladesh Office donated more than 1200 pieces of Sample Garments to SoH for rising fund through Garments Sale, on 21.5.2019Homebound Bangladesh donated 3 Ceiling Fans, 12 Energy Bulbs, 750 pieces Exercise copies for 250 students and on 28.5.2019 Dhaka East AP World Vision of Bangladesh office gifted 108 pieces of Melamine plates to encourage the students of 2018 batch for doing good result in PSC Examination

On 24th June 2019 SoH students took part in the Cleaning Campaign collaborating with the local schools under the guidance of Dhaka East AP World Vision Bangladesh. SoH believes in Students’ social activities to build up a good citizen.

On 29th June 2019 the PEC Batch 2017 received their PEC Certificate from Government and 2nd Class test of Second Term has started.

Thanks giving ceremony for the PEC batch 2018 on 25th August 2019 in the school premises. As the token of love the gifts from Dhaka East AP World Vision of Bangladesh has been distributed to them along with the other students of SoH.

A mini craft show arranged by the Child Forum members of SoH on 8th September 2019 and the guest was the Area Manager and Program Officer of Dhaka East AP World Vision of Bangladesh as Child Forum of SoH often run the awareness campaign along with the Central Child Forum of Dhaka East AP World Vision of Bangladesh on various issues related to Child Violence, Child Trafficking, Child Abuse, Child Act 2013

Before the Annual examination a parents meeting to inform them about the progress of their kids for the last two terms is mandatory in SoH and encouraging the kids is a part of SoH culture. The meeting took place on 15th October 2019 in the school premises among the guardians and class teachers through an open discussion.

SoH is only the school in Vatara locality which arranges Science and Craft Fair for the students of Primary level! On 2nd November 2019 the fair took place in SoH premises. The Chairperson of the Vattara Hope Foundation Board visited the fair to encourage the students. In this fair the old students of the school have access to visit and have a reunion as well as the fair works as the bridge between the Former and Present students of SoH to share , to build a realm of affection, love and respect among the elders and younger’s.

17th November 2019 the last class and preparation for the Annual Exams, from 19th November 2019 the Annual Examination has been started.

On 9th December 2019 the Annual Result giving and Annual Cultural program has taken place in the school premises where Board members were present to encourage the students. Homebound encouraged the students with gifts and foods.

Re admission on 10th December and New Admission took place on 11th December up to 10 am.