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The admissions policy for the School of Hope briefly covers the High School Scholarships awarded by Lindex staff.  Any deviation from this policy must be explicitly be approved by the VHF Board for the School of Hope. The policy formalizes most elements of the process from previous year’s follow up, with minor adjustments.Generally thepolicy in student intake in future, increasing number of students, approves bythe Board revision.

Policy Review Planning

The Board conducts a review of the Admissions process, looking at:

  • Fairness of outcomes where test identifies successful candidates from eligible pool of the poorestfamilies;
  • Need for a formal gender balance;
  • Need for a formal preferable system for School of Hope siblings (children with brothers or sisters who are attending or have previously attended the School of Hope)
  • Accuracy of salary limits.

Process Overview (for new students)

  • School of Hope publishes Key Admissions Dates
  • Parents approach the school to request enrolment for their child. Principle discusses school policies and eligibility requirements. All required information is recorded (name, date of birth, address, income level, etc).
  • If deemed eligible to attend based on the information provided, students then take an Entrance Exam. This has 2 purposes: 1) select successful candidates from among a pool of eligible students in a way that is acceptable to the community, 2) confirm which class students should be enrolled for.
  • Principle or teacher visits the family home, confirming that the student is indeed eligible to attend.
  • Students the SoH can accommodate are offered a place, Principle discusses this with the family and reaffirms the school policies.

So the Admissions process:

  • Attempts to select from the “poor” families, but
  • Uses an entrance exam to choose among those deemed to meet the “poor” eligibility criteria

Note: existing students must explicitly request readmission but are not required to sit an additional test.  This policy document does not focus extensively on readmission as this is an automatic process one the readmission request is received, except in extreme circumstances.

Where students are offered a place at the SoH but decline (family moves, accept a place at a different school), the next eligible student will be offered a place once a teacher has visited their home.

Admissions Considerations

Considerations can be grouped as follows:

  1. Number of places available at SoH
  2. Family situation of applicants:
    1. Location: must live locally
    2. Monthly income and occupation
    3. Family size in the home
    4. Accommodation: type and cost
    5. Siblings at SoH or other
  3. Student Test Score

The factors that determine eligibility reflect the goals of the school: educating children who would otherwise not be able to go to school (as they’re parents cannot afford it).  School of Hope focuses on those unable to afford a government school education, and aims to help the mostly needy in the local area.  The Board acknowledges, however, that the SoH cannot provide places to all needy children and attempts to take a pragmatic approach.

The details for all children who request a place at the School of Hope are recorded in the admissions register, even if they are then deemed ineligible due to their family situation or do not score highly enough in the admissions exam.  This information is critical to ensure transparency in the process and enables reviews.