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Lord Buddha said, “Mind is not a dustbin to keep anger, hatred and jealousy. But it is the treasure box to keep love, happiness and sweet memories.” SoH firmly believes in it so, SoH is always grateful to her friends and partners to help her for working with her keeping hands in hands. Actually the journey of love and friendship had begun from the very day in 1990 when the founder of SoH felt love for those street urchins. His heart’s door was opened at the very time when one of them asked him to teach them instead of giving them foods or kinds. The journey of love has completed a long three decades and SoH hopes she will keep going on if the love and favour of her friends and partners remain the same. Confucius said, “The beginning of the journey of thousands mile with a single pace” SoH also belive her journey of loving the destitute children will also cover thousands mile if the friends are beside her.

The school is much dependent upon donations, both private and corporate in many cases. In 2010 we were extremely fortunate to receive a huge boost to our finances from Lindex (Sweden) who took on the financial responsibility of paying all our staffing costs at the school. This continues to provide a huge benefit to the school, allowing for longer-term planning and greater job security to our staff. The staff at Lindex also privately fund the High School Scholarship program, covering the schooling costs for all SoH children who go on to High School. This offers a fantastic encouragement to further study.

Our other main source of income is from our quarterly garment sales. We rely heavily on our garment donors, including Lindex, to make regular donations.  We hosted several sales at the Nordic Club in 2015, with great success, but due to security concerns moved within the AISD compound (with the proviso that only AISD families attend).  The Board will continue to monitor what is possible in this area.  Our board members source garment donations, advertise and promote the sales, arrange transportation of garments and unpacking/packing of boxes on the day. We are grateful for the help we receive from our friends and colleagues who volunteer their time at the sales.

We will mention some key donors here, but a more complete list of our invaluable contributors is found below.

Primary Financial Donor

Lindex is one of Europe’s leading fashion chains with over 460 stores on 16 markets. Their mission is to offer inspiring affordable fashion. Lindex assortment includes several fashion concepts in women’s, kids and lingerie for women interested in fashion. It has a significant part of its ready made garment production here in Bangladesh. Read more about Lindex fashion at

Lindex celebrated 60 years in 2014 and included the School of Hope in its celebratory video. See the video at SumanTripathi, Country Manager, says:

‘’It feels good to give something back to the local society. We’ve supported the School of Hope’s activities for many years now and have donated garment samples for the clothes sales. We know that the money made from these garment sales helps in the running of the school. We’ve gradually developed our partnership with the school and it is extremely fruitful, and now since 2010 we also play our part by paying teachers’ salaries.’’

Sara Winroth, who is the Corporate Social Responsiblity coordinator at Lindex adds:

‘’the main guidelines of Lindex social commitment is that our contribution shall be concentrated on women or children and lead to self help, and that is exactly what School of Hope’s activities are about.’’


The SoH is deeply appreciative of Lindex for its ongoing generous sponsorship of all school salaries as well as active board participation and all round support. It remains the case that the SoH could not provide the education it does to so many children, without this support. We thank Lindex and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with the company. The private funding by Lindex staff of the High School Scholarship program underscores that the company commitment to SoH is genuine. This program offers so much to students – an incentive to aim high, reward for hard work, and assistance in persuading parents to allow them to continue their studies.