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With the help of the prime donor Lindex, every year SoH outgoing students received the monitory help as scholarship. Generally in a sense, scholarship are given for outstanding result in academic sector but SoH’s all outgoing students get the scholarship to run their further academic fulfillment. This stipend goes on up to class or grade X following some criteria. It is needed to say it would be hard for the students if Lindex did not provide the financial help for further education. The number of dropout students also would be more if they were not provided with this monetary help as for their parents it is very hard to gain the resources of leaving let alone educational expenses.

Aim of Scholarship

Imparting cost free education in primary level SoH and Lindex believe that these folk of students should go further up to grade X so that they can at least can do something to earn bread and butter if they cannot continue further after SSC. Again to have a job in real life scenario at least SSC is essential, thinking this great motto Lindex step forward to help them year after year. SoH and the students are really grateful to Lindex for this great hearted activities. At the same time this scholarship program encourages the students to go farther after SSC, if they want to study more they can help themselves to arrange some money by running errands as it is said where is a will there is way. So the motto of the scholarship is to help the SoH outgoing students to stand upon their own feet of confidence.


As it is said that the aim of scholarship to help the students to go for further studies in secondary level of Bangladeshi education system so, there is no hard and fast rules to achieve the scholarship. But to have a uniform there follows some criteria.

  1. The student must to complete PEC from SoH at least attending three years in the school,
  2. The student must pass in the PEC examination with a good result (though all students age given the scholarship from up to bottom result),
  • To do good result the students are encouraged so there maintains a code that the gainers of A+ in PEC (grade V) or JSC (grade VIII) will receive 100% monetary help in academic expenses especially in yearly tuition fees of 12 months. Others below A+ receive 80% of the same expenses. For this criteria it is seen that the students keep a tendency to study well for the both of the public exams,
  1. Parents have to provide the money for continuation of the study for whole year to avoid making mess in education and after the continuation of full academic year perfectly a student gets the payment at the last of each academic year,
  2. As SoH is a secular school so students who completes their further studies in other non-religious (secular) schools are eligible to have this scholarship,
  3. If any outgoing student is found in making mess in education, involving or supporting antisocial activates, committing cheat in financial field using fake papers or documents the scholarship is cancelled for that specific student,

Scrutinizing is strictly followed in checking all the financial documents related to academic expenses and further receipts related to educational aids e.g. school dress making charge, school bag and shoes purchasing, additional books purchasing. And students from grade VI-X have to give signature on the monthly attendance once in a month from the date of 15th to 30th of the each month in the academic year.