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Special Education for Dropout children

Along with the mainstream education system SoH also picks the dropped out children of the locality to provide a special academic development with an experimental syllabus of her own. The dropped out children are mainly working children or who is older enough but never attend in any school or who had gone to school but unable to continue studies for any unexpected situation or need. InSoH, this class is call “Literacy” Here the students begins with the very beginning stage of the curriculum provided by the government to the pre-primary level.

A glance of the Students of Literacy Class

The Literacy syllabus is more polished and little bit extend than the government syllabus for pre-primary. Literally to say, when the students do much better than the goal of Literacy level in SoH, they are highly encouraged to attend in grade two and those who are above the level of Literacy they are encourage to attend in grade one. If in any cases it is found that the students of Literacy are not up to the mark, then SoH consults with their parents to keep again in Literacy as there is much room for development.

All the teachers in SoH are allowed to give lessons in Literacy class by rotation but Mr. Mahbub Zaman is the actual expert in the teaching-learning process or method of Literacy class.So the other teachers are always encourage to keep abreast to him, the in house teachers as a trainer in peer colleague state.

Beside academic lessons the students of Literacy are always motivated to continue their studies as some of them have the taste of avoiding functional education. Due to year drop these kids are found very reluctant to study therefore facing towards the mainstream of education becomes a big challenge for the teachers of this class. Moral values, social norms and capacity building in socialization with the main stream students are the part and parcel along with the academic syllabus of Literacy.

It is a matter of satisfaction for SoH, that very few NGOs or institutions provide this type of teaching-learning process in the locality. So, SoH often receives praiseworthy notes for this Special Education System. And it is also found that those who are coped with the main stream of education can reach to a long distance of development. Many of the students from Literacy are found to complete secondary or higher secondary even graduation level. So, it is a matter of pride with complacency for School of Hope and her facilitators.