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In house & Out Going Students’ Child Forum

With the help of Dhaka East AP World Vision of Bangladesh SoH first opened its Child Forum in 2017 with 20 students from class Six and Five entitling AlorJonaki (Fire Flies). It was the CF for outgoing students, later another forum was opened with the students of class Five (15) and Four (15) in total 30 students, for in house students entitling AlorPothik (Strangers for Light) in the same year. The Executive Committee of the Child Forum is formed by the Voting Election in Ballot by the general members. The main activities of the both forums are

  • Keeping liaison between the school management (teachers) and students
  • Helping each other especially the students of SoH
  • Calling general meeting with the other students about school’s students’ role in development
  • Arranging awareness building programs for the other students emphasizing on Child Rights Act 2013 BD
  • Rendering social services as a student among the fellow friends, brothers, families associated to SoH

In house Child Forum Alor Pothik Election-2020 Executive Committee

In house Child Forum and Outgoing Child Forum both take part in various School related activities to help the Youngers of SoH